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Cincinnati Music Accelerator Launches Highly-Anticipated Talent Agency Branch

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

[Cincinnati, Ohio, October 2020] Cincinnati Music Accelerator (CMA) is excited to announce the official launch of the Talent Agency branch of the nonprofit organization missioned to End Starving Artists. CMA’s President and Founder, Kick Lee, saw this as a natural next step for CMA to serve Cincinnati artists during their evolution into professional, full-time musicians. The Talent Agency will house resources such as event booking, promoting, artist development, and management services. The announcement of this launch follows the wake of success CMA experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic; the organization being able to pay out $65,000 + to local artists for performance/music services year-to-date through local partnerships. CMA has opened a niche doorway through education, collaboration, and opportunity for the music industry in the Queen City, with the talent agency sure to bring next-level accomplishments to the organization's mission.

“The team and I are very excited to be able to take another step closer to making Cincinnati a music city -- especially following a completely unprecedented year that shifted our reality in every aspect -- from food service to entertainment to corporate industries, we all had to adjust, reevaluate, grow and push forward. The Talent Agency at CMA is going to help our artists and community do just that. I’m thrilled for everyone to see the big dreams and big talent come to life!” Says Kick Lee

CMA is proud to introduce the dynamic trio of CMA graduates: Siri Imani, Jayda Klink, and Aprina Johnson; the first official faces of the Cincinnati Music Accelerator Talent Agency. Each artist is recognized for their outstanding work within the community. Music, art, and community outreach are at the forefront of the focus of each of these women, which made them all excellent candidates to join the pilot stage of the agency. The CMA team also welcomes aboard its newest member, Brandi Ross, as the CMA Talent Agency Executive Director. Brandi has been a friend, philanthropist, and key supporter of CMA and the greater Cincinnati art and music industry, with a unique set of skills that complement the core values and mission of the organization, making her the perfect fit for this role. The collective team is ready and delighted to level Cincinnati up in its journey to Music City status!

Quotes from talent

Siri Imani |

“ As a Nati Activist, most of my energy goes into my philanthropic efforts with the Triiibe Foundation. Being with CMA gives me the chance to hone in on my individual artistry.” - Siri

Jayda Klink |

“ As a newly flourishing artist in Cincinnati, I am so excited to see the growth of CMA, the community, and the music industry at large. It’s an honor to be a part of this exciting chapter for CMA, and to be able to grow and expand my career with an organization that I know truly cares . ” - Jayda

Aprina Johnson |

“ I am so excited about this expansion of CMA and the blessing to be a part of it. I identify myself as a Musical-Communal Activist, and I love giving back to the community and spreading joy and positivity with my music. Working with the CMA Talent Agency is the perfect opportunity to creatively build connectivity with Cincinnati neighbors, foster a culture of care, and do it all through radical, revolutionary love!” - Aprina

CMA is grateful for the support and collaboration of the community and looks forward to continuing the growth, development, and outreach in the greater Cincinnati area. This is an exciting time for the CMA team and artists, who are prepared and eager to continue the work of ​Ending Starving Artists.​


If you would like more information about the CMA Talent Agency, artists or bookings please contact ​Kick Lee ​at (513)356.9290 ​or ​​.

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