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Esoteric Brewing and Cincinnati Music Accelerator Partner to Support Black Artists

(Cincinnati, OH - November 6, 2020) Esoteric Brewing, Cincinnati’s first Black & Asian-owned brewery and the Cincinnati Music Accelerator (CMA) announce a partnership to bring craft beer, music, and entrepreneurship together.

Cincinnati Music Accelerator (CMA), Ohio’s first music career accelerator, is a non-profit dedicated to and focused on the development of music creatives, fostering and fueling placemaking and striving for economic development and impact within the community it serves through the musical arts. We believe that Cincinnati has the power to become a vibrant music city, and we also believe that through music a sustainable impact can be made to a community’s ecosystem. We want our community to thrive, and we want our music creatives within the community to thrive as well.

“We’re dedicated to support the dreams of artists striving to make a musical career, which is a really big challenge during COVID,” says Kick Lee, CEO and founder of CMA, “so partnering up with organizations who understand the hustle of artists will change the game.”

Esoteric Brewing launched their new brew lounge in August in the historic Paramount Building located on Peebles Walnut Hills. The brewery is the region’s first minority-owned brewery and is breaking glass ceilings in the craft industry where fewer than 250 of the 8,000 breweries nationwide, are founded by people of color. Esoteric has a social mission to anchor their neighborhood seeking to improve the lives of the people around them by partnering with local non-profits that improve black lives.

”Craft beer is the fuel of entrepreneurs, and musicians are ultimately entrepreneurs at heart,” says Marvin Abrinica, Esoteric’s Chief Marketing Officer, “so for us to support the black livelihood of these artists is our way of supporting black lives.”

Esoteric Brewing and the Cincinnati Music Accelerator will be hosting concerts every week in November featuring local artists who work through the CMA. For more information about the shows, please visit: or


Marvin Abrinica - Chief Marketing Officer


Kick Lee - Chief Executive Officer


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