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Cincinnati Music Accelerator Announces "Launch Pad" Series at 3 Points Urban Brewery

CINCINNATI -- The Cincinnati Music Accelerator (CMA) and 3 Points Urban Brewery are debuting “Launch Pad,” a monthly music performance series in Pendleton that features artists who have graduated from the accelerator program. The shows, which take place inside the brewery, are free to the public and begin March 15 at 9pm. “The Cincinnati Music Accelerator’s mission is to end ‘starving artists’ by teaching local musicians the business of music so they can live and thrive off their craft,” said Kick Lee, founder of CMA. “It’s important for our graduates to have access to spaces and places where they can perform, and 3 Points Urban Brewery has stepped up as a catalyst for showcasing the musical talent here in our city.”

The inaugural show will feature Cincinnati Music Accelerator alumni, and every artist performing will be compensated. 3 Points Urban Brewery has also committed to a monthly donation to help support the Cincinnati Music Accelerator directly.

"When people come to 3 Points Urban Brewery they know that they are inside a unique space," said Hickory Wald Marketing Manager Aaron Westendorf. "We support local art, including music, and have been supporting CMA’s mission to end starving artists even before this partnership. We consistently pay our artists and live performers.” More than 20 artists have graduated from CMA since its inception in 2017.

The financial and business support they receive while taking courses, as well as the continued group support they receive after makes it easier for Cincinnati businesses to find reliable and talented artists.

"When a musician graduates from the Cincinnati Music Accelerator we know that they are talented and that they are professional," said Westendorf. "We want to continue to support talented artists in Cincinnati and this is a great way to accomplish that."

The brewery is located in the Pendleton area of OTR at the intersection of 13th and Broadway streets. Since it opened in June of last year, 3 Points Urban Brewery has featured local artists and performances. The core tenants of the brewery are art, experience and beer.

Over the past few years, Cincinnati's music scene has finally started to regain some momentum with acts such as Triiibe, Audley and Lauren Eylise helping lead the charge, a new flame has been lit. And with this, the Cincinnati Music Accelerator and 3 Points Urban Brewery hopes to keep the fire raging.


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The Cincinnati Music Accelerator (CMA) is Ohio's first music career accelerator program dedicated to music creatives. Founded in 2017, CMA serves as an accelerator program for musicians, recording artists, DJ's, and producers, helping them to develop their unique craft, while simultaneously educating them on how to monetize their talent and create a future with it. Through eight weekly, two-hour sessions, students learn about the music business and how it functions. They learn about copyrighting, marketing and branding, business finance, press and other essential topics that are crucial to the success of their music career. Founder Kick Lee began with an idea at People's Liberty to end the starving artist in Cincinnati. Lee, a Cincinnati native, is a graduate of Full Sail University and of Elementz Hip Hop Youth Center. He has worked in the music industry for more than 16+ years and has licensed music content to networks such as MTV, VH1, Fox, BET and more. Recent music licensed projects include working with brands such as Disney, Toyota, Samsung, Puma.


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3 Points Urban Brewery takes a design-first approach as a backdrop to what we do well: Art, Experience and Beer. Located in the historic arts district of Pendleton, 3 Points Urban Brewery is a community space featuring free wifi and co-working hours throughout the day, in addition to functioning as a space for community arts and entertainment in the evening. Every beer at 3 Points Urban Brewery features a local commissioned artist, with some beers taking the form of a larger medium, whether it be the removable bar face mural, the permission wall, or other featured pieces throughout the tap room. The brewery features 12 beers on tap ranging from lagers, pilsners and ales to stouts, sours and other unique creations. The brewery opened June 1, 2018 and recently began food operations with CHX opening February 8, 2019. 3 Points Urban Brewery is operated by Hickory Wald. The restaurant group also operates and owns CHX, Nation Kitchen & Bar, Rhinehaus and The Hannaford.

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