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Cincinnati Music Accelerator going on national tour

CINCINNATI - JUNE 25th, 2021 - Watch out! Cincinnati Music Accelerator is taking its live musical talent on the road across America.

Cincinnati Music Accelerator (CMA), Ohio’s first music career accelerator, launched in 2017 and has supported numerous individuals within the music arts. From music business training, street performances, and outdoor mobile activations via CMA’s mobile stage trailer, CMA has always diligently worked to find creative and innovative ways to build and accelerate opportunities within the music arts of Cincinnati.

With more COVID restrictions being lifted across the country, CMA plans to take its musical programming national by partnering with various organizations across the U.S. to highlight and showcase Cincinnati area musicians in other cities from out of its CMA Stage Trailer.

“Cincinnati has a largely vast amount of skilled musicians, and our local community is starting to become strongly aware of this, said Kick Lee founder and chief executive director of the Cincinnati Music Accelerator. “However, other cities aren’t aware of this, and rather than sitting around hoping and praying they become aware of what talent we have to offer, we’ll bring the talent to them and show them just how incredible Cincinnati music is”

Some of the stops include Columbus, Cleveland, Detroit, Memphis, Atlanta, and Chicago to name a few. CMA will also be unveiling a newly wrapped and branded tour Sprinter Van that talent will travel in. The tour will start in July of 2021 and end in October. CMA has already secured funding for its first leg of the tour, but it's still accepting sponsorships to help fund food, travel, lodging and pay for the musicians. Interested parties can contact Kick Lee at

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