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Meet Roadie, CMA's new addition.

Like any organization, visibility is key to the success of its growth and cause, and in order to keep awareness up, fueled and alive, they have to think broad, bold and from all angles. That is just what the Cincinnati Music Accelerator is working diligently to do. Owning a vehicle enables CMA to better serve students and the community by allowing us to get our performing students and alumni who have trouble getting to their scheduled shows, from point A to point B, transport our equipment and gear for career day, recruiting and partnered events and opportunities effectively, and give us the ability strengthen our dedication to showing and ensuring that our program is not just successful internally, but externally as well. A branded vehicle helps create hundreds of thousands of impressions per month, and millions of impressions per year. With these results, we are sure to increase our organization’s enrollment rate base, boost our economic impact, and strengthen support to educating music creatives on business and entrepreneurial skills. Roadie was awarded to Cincinnati Music Accelerator from the Carol Ann & Ralph v. Haile jr./U.S. Bank Foundation.

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